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Published Writings of Richard Holden

Choreologist At The Met [Dance Magazine, October1967]
Feature article about The London Institute Of Choreology and Richard Holden’s work as a dancer and resident choreologist with the Metropolitan Opera in Lincoln Center, NYC. Extended over two consecutive issues.

Character Dance For Ballet Students [Dance Teacher Magazine, July 1986]
Feature Article. illustrated by Richard Holden. explaining the technique and style of performing the Polish Mazurka

Writing Ballet In Benesh [Dance Magazine, September 1969]
Feature article, illustrated by Richard Holden explaining the principles of Benesh Movement Notation.

Choreology [Opera News, April 1969]
Feature article [with photos] about the author’s work as resident choreologist with the Metropolitan Opera, NYC

Puntas, Curvas Y Guiones De Ballets Mexicanos [Revista – November 1976]
Feature article about author’s work with Gloria Contreras and the Taller Choreographico de la Universidad de Mexico. [with photos]

Inquiry Into Movement Notation [Dance Magazine, November 1968
A major book review

A Gathering Of Dances [Indiana Arts Insight Magazine, November 1980]
Feature article about legendary Nicholas Beriosov and his ballets
[Indiana Arts Insight Magazine]

Petrushka A critique of dance performances at State University of Indiana

Wanted – More Boys For Ballet [Christian Science Monitor]
Feature article later reprinted in DanceScope Magazine

Attitude Magazine [New York, 1986-1987]
Staff writer of reviews of Dance performances in New York City

Tucson Weekly [Newspaper [1991-1992]
Weekly Interviews with dance personalities and reviews of dance performances in Tucson

Tucson Lifeline [1990-1991]
Reviews of dance performances in Tucson

The Humpbacked Horse [1976]
Book [illustrated by Richard Holden] about this Russian Ballet, published by Dance Congress, NYC

Study Guide To Intermediate Labanotation [1986]
Book [illustrated by Richard Holden] published by Dance Notation Bureau, NYC

Balalaika And Domra Associaton Of America Quarterly Magazine
Quarterly articles on Russian culture; its music, dance, costume, personalities

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