Dancing on a Greyhound Bus

Richard Holden Autobiography
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Introduction ~ Foreword
Chapter 1    Early Years ~ Growing Up In Poverty ~ My First Dance Lesson ~ Grammar School Days
Loretta Young and “The Men In Her Life” ~ High School With Music
Quincy Conservatory of Music~ Books that Can Change Lives
Vaslav Nijinsky ~ Modelling For Artists ~ Boston’s Metropolitan Theater
Chapter 2 Ushering Choreography ~ Senia Russakoff ~ Dancing With A Russian Troupe
Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo ~ Christian Science ~ Arriving In New York City
The Roxy Theater ~ Candy Standing ~ George Chaffee ~ Dancing With Chaffee’s Troupe
Broadway Tryouts ~ Metropolitan Opera Ballet School
The Metropolitan’s Tudor And Craske Regime ~ American Ballet Theater School
Bronislava Nijinska ~ Supering At The Old Met ~ My First Steady Girl Friend
The Common Glory~~First Professional Dancing Job
Chapter 3 St. Petersburg – Florida, Not Russia ~ I Join Actor’s Equity
Working As An Office Temp ~ A Summer In Maine
Chapter 4   Meet Me In St. Louis ~ “The Muny” ~ Anthony Nelle ~ “Oklahoma”
Patricia Bowman ~ My First Car ~ Teaching In St. Louis
Chapter 5 Return To New York ~ A Most Unusual Show ~ Elmira, New York
Opening And Closing My Very Own Dance Studio ~ Camp Minnowbrook, Lake Placid
Chapter 6 All That Glitters Is Not Gold – All Who Wander Are Not Lost
London, England ~ Andrew Hardy ~ I Join A British Ballet Company
On Tour With Ballets Minerva ~ I Acquire A Mentor ~ My First Trip To Russia
A Short Changed Othello ~ On The Isle Of Wight
Chapter 7 Rudolph And Joan Benesh ~ Dance Notation Comes Into Its Own
The Institute Of Choreology ~ Dame Alicia Markova ~ A Metropolitan Opera Contract
The New Metropolitan Opera In Lincoln Center ~ Opening Production
Antony And Cleopatra ~ Other Opera Ballets
Chapter 8 Everyone Will Be Famous For 15 Minutes – Andy Warhol
I Become Official Choreologist Of Lincoln Center
My Method Of Creating A Benesh Notation Score
Backstage At The New Met - Inside the Metropolitan Opera House
Chapter 9 Tucson, Arizona – My First Visit ~ “Nutcracker” ~ Other Ballets ~ “Alice” On TV
“Alice” Wins National Broadcast Media Award
Agnes de Mille And Her “Rodeo” ~ “Round~Up” ~ “Coppelia”
I Stage Opera “Pagliacci” ~ My First “Brooms Of Mexico” Ballet
Chapter 10 London Revisited ~ Stratford ~ Upon – Avon
The Rosicrucian Order ~ A Ship To Leningrad
Chapter 11 Leningrad, USSR ~ I Meet A Shady Character
More Shady Characters ~ Rebekah Harkness
Why was it that I so often made such bad decisions?
Chapter 12 Harkness House ~ I Become Assistant to Igor Moiseyev
The Murder Of Maria Nevelska ~ Tucson Civic Ballet Opens Music Hall
Chapter 13 Andre Eglevsky ~ Eglevsky’s “Coppelia” ~ Death of Andre Eglevsky
Chapter 14 Rebekah Harkness Builds Her Own Theater ~ Harkness Ballet Is Finished
My Return To Harkness House ~ Death Of Rebekah Harkness
Chapter 15 Another “Nutcracker”
Chapter 16 “Round~Up” In Kansas City ~ Choreologist At New York City Ballet
Robert Joffrey And Ashton’s “The Dream” ~ Sir John Hart ~ My First ‘Firebird”
Chapter 17 My First “Cinderella” and “La Bayadere” ~ “The Humpbacked Horse”
Teacher’s Conventions ~ Sir Frederic Ashton’s “Monotones “
Chapter 18 Tucson Civic Ballet Comes To An End ~ Transitions
Dance Notation Bureau and Labanotation ~ John Neumeier And American Ballet Theater
Chapter 19 Southgate Towers ~ A Spiritual Experience In Mazatlan, Mexico ~ Working In Mexico City
Chapter 20 American Ballet Theater ~ I Become Assistant To Misha Baryshnikov
Baryshnikov’s “Nutcracker” ~ Assisting Sir Robert Helpmann
Glen Tetley’s “Sacre du Primtemps” ~ Misha’s ‘Nutcracker’ A Success
American Ballet Theater’s Star Power ~ ABT’s “Firebird” And “Petrushka”
Antony Tudor ~ Staging Tudor’s “Sunflowers” For The Met
American Ballet Theater In Turmoil
Chapter 21 Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo ~ I Audition For Ballet Russe
Michel Katcharoff And His Death
Chapter 22 Butler University ~ A Summer Intensive in Canada ~ Character Dance
National Ballet of Canada ~ Jordan College Of Fine Arts ~ My Colleagues
Ballet Russe Sets And Costumes ~ Classes ~ “Graduation Ball” in Memphis
“La Bayadere” ~ “La Sylphide” At Butler ~ Technical Aspects Of “La Sylphide”
My Slip Up ~ A Very Different “Alice In Wonderland” ~ “Paquita” In Salt Lake City
“Cinderella” My Big Finale ~ Butler's "Cinderella” Is Brilliant
A Classic Car, But I Didn’t Know It ~ “Papa” Beriosov Advises
Chapter 23 The Bronx ~ Back At Harkness House ~ “La Fille mal gardee” For Alex Ramov
Review Of "La Fille Mal Gardée" ~ “Graduation Ball” In Westchester
“Le Carnaval” For New York Theater Ballet ~ My “Firebird” And New York Times Review
A New Jersey “Nutcracker” That Lasted 18 Years.
“Le Villi” Ballet~Opera In Central Park ~ “A Colonial Nutcracker”
My Book On Character Dance ~ Death Of George Chaffee
“Two Pigeons” And New York Times Review ~ Alexander Bennet And “La Sylphide”
“Humpbacked Horse” Makes Another Appearance
New York Times Review of My “Humpbacked Horse” ~ Farewell To New York City
Chapter 24 Tucson, Arizona Becomes My New Home ~ Sonya ~ London Revisited
Arizona Balalaika Orchestra ~ Ballet Arts Studio ~ More Choreography
Beginnings Of Kalinka Russian Dancers ~ “Le Carnaval” For Ballet Arts Ensemble
“Spectre de la Rose” for Ballet Arts Ensemble ~ Arizona Opera Choreography
I Become A Writer For The Tucson Weekly ~ My New House ~ George Zoritch
Chapter 25 Dance In Tucson ~ Tucson Regional Ballet ~ “A Southwest Nutcracker”
Firebird in Tucson ~ “Upstairs Downstairs” ~ Dance Southwest
“Petrushka” ~ “Petrushka" In Tucson ~ A Post Script on “Petrushka”
Chapter 26 “Chakra” ~ Death Of Charles Menzies ~ My Brief Film Career
My Dance With The Star In “Tombstome” ~ “Pontiac Moon” and Ted Danson
I Choreograph TV’s “Legend” ~ Two Pigeons Revival ~ Rodney Gustavson
“Upstairs Downstairs” For State Street Ballet Of Santa Barbara
“Khatchaturiana” ~ First Visit To Republic Of China
Chapter 27 The Story Of Sonya ~ Sonya’s Death ~ Epilogue
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Dance Works Choreographed by Richard Holden

Appendix B Published Writings
Appendix C Article in Moscow's Pravda Newspaper
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